The price list states prices excluding GST.
Please Note fabric minimum order 1 metre; orders can only be accepted to 0.1 of a metre thereafter.


2.1 Goods are sold at the price current at the time of delivery, inclusive of delivery charges.
2.2 If the Company has any liability to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) for any supply that it makes in connection with this sale, the amount of such GST will be paid by the Customer to the Company in addition to and at the same time as other amounts payable in respect to this sale.


We will give as much prior notice as possible. However, because many circumstances are beyond our control, prices are subject to change without notice.


* Cut Lengths or Fabric Service Price


This price will be charged on all orders requesting a fabric to be cut to an exact length. Please Note that a cut length may not be flaw free as Industry Standards allow for 1 flaw per every 10 metres of fabric. To assist you in obtaining a cut length that will allow you to complete your manufacturing requirement, it is essential for your order to specify number of cuts/drops and size of cuts/drops if we are to make an allowance for a flaw.

Please Note due to Industry tolerances a 1% + variation can apply to the measuring of cut length orders. It is recommended that orders in excess of 30 metres be taken to the next 0.5 metre when ordering.
* Roll Price

This price will be charged for orders for 1 full roll or more. A full roll may be 5 metres over or under the roll size listed in the price list. For orders in excess of 1 roll, please specify your drops or cuts so that we can supply the quantity nearest to your requirements.

Please Note full rolls are only mill inspected and up to 5 flaws in a 50 metre roll can be expected. Under Industry Standards this is graded as first quality.

Acknowledgement of Country
Wilson Fabrics acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands across Australia.
We acknowledge the wisdom of Ancestors and Elders past, present and emerging and recognise the positive contribution of First Nations people
to the health and wellbeing of our communities through cultural heritage, values and beliefs.