When you think of natural tones and interior design, you might envision a boring beige home. The reality is, that when done right, a colour palette Inspired by nature can be all sorts of enticing. Not only that, but there are real psychological benefits to inviting natural tones and textures into your space.



Natural tones are rich, warm colours that are comfortable to be around. Equally suited to interiors and exteriors, modern and rustic styles, Natural tones have the potential to be just as lively and interesting as other colours. While technically almost every shade under the rainbow can be found in nature, “natural tones” in the world of Modern Design primarily refers to neutral hues.

The colours Sand, White, Stone, Ivory and Fog – Neutral colours are grounding and natural on their own but work well with brighter hues such as our Sky& Sable from our Noosa Range, too. Due to this flexibility and versatility of these colours, there’s little chance that these shades will go out of style or feel dated anytime soon.

Warm colours include shades such as our Egret & Pristine from our Boston Range brown, and other soft and natural tones. These colours create warmth in every room. The trend of such shades can strive to create an energetic and natural palette, especially because their neutrality keeps things relaxing at the same time. It is quite easy to combine different kinds of décor and elements in the room with earthy colours.

The neutral colour palette from our Delhi Range is one of the most popular choices in decorating, and it is quite clear why. It is timeless, easily fits into all styles, and we can adapt it to our needs more easily than bright and intense colours. This palette also represents the colours of the earth element that creates a sense of stability and protects relationships.

These colour palettes create a warm, nature-friendly atmosphere that feels Safe, Protective & Durable.




Although often overlooked in favour of bright pops of colour, neutrals and natural tones deserve their moment in the spotlight, too. Here are some of the key benefits of decorating with natural tones:

·      Natural Tone is Stylish & Timeless

·      Versatile and Varied

·      Easy to mix and match

·      Longevity

·      Uncluttered

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